How Mobile Applications Can Help You Learn the Best Cooking Tips

Many apps are available for you to choose from to enhance your kitchen skills, whether you are a complete kitchen newbie or you want to improve your culinary skills.

It can be intimidating for even the most novice of cooks to step into the kitchen for the first time. As a chef, you have dozens of tasks to learn and can find it challenging to figure out where to begin and what resources to utilize throughout the learning process.

Using your smartphone and tablet devices makes it easier and more accessible than ever before to build up your expertise in the kitchen without ever leaving your living room. Using the following apps can simplify learning how to navigate the world of cooking and help you become a pro on the way to becoming a culinary expert in no time.

8 Best Cooking Mobile Apps

1. SideChef

It is a platform that displays over 4,000 recipes, plus tips and techniques that are regularly updated and rotated. In addition to offering how-to videos, this app also includes step-by-step recipes, which will be helpful for home cooks of all skill levels, from novices getting started to more experienced gourmets sharpening their skills. It may also be noted that you can use the hands-free setting with the app to converse without the need to use your fingers, even if your hands are covered in ingredients.
Cost: Free

2. Cookpad

With the help of social media apps like this one, a cook can share recipes with friends, family, and even total strangers all at one time, and they can all be found together in one place. It is imperative that you create a photo album of the dishes you have completed so that others can see them. It would help if you also started group chats to share tips and tricks and build a network of like-minded individuals to provide support.
Cost: Free

3. Project Foodie

Daniel Holzman of The Meatball Shop has created a free app full of tips, recipes, and how-to videos, ranging from 5 to 50 minutes in length, covering various kitchen skills from the most basic to the most challenging. Holzman offers entertaining and informative in-app classes and imparts essential cooking skills through his classes.
Cost: Free

4. Yummly

Using this app, you can create a smart shopping list directly from the websites you visit most frequently, so you can reflect the recipes you are interested in picking up directly from the websites. Yummly is a "smart cooking sidekick," which recommends recipes based on dishes you've seen in the past so that you can add all of the ingredients you need immediately to your shopping list based on dishes you're planning to prepare now and in the future.
Cost: Free

5. BigOven

Since the launch of BigOven's mobile app, the site has been downloaded over 13 million times, making it one of the most popular recipe websites out there. BigOven provides users with a massive selection of over 350,000 recipes that they can access on their mobile devices.
In addition to creating an intuitive grocery list after tapping any recipe, you can learn how to make the recipe step-by-step when you tap it. Sharing your culinary achievements with others is easy with BigOven because you can add snapshots of your recipes and share them with anyone you know.
It is possible to upload and create your recipes using the service. A grocery list can also be created based on the recipes you want to make. Aside from finding and sharing recipes, the app is a social platform where you can connect with your friends, family, and favorite chefs. Both an iPhone and Android version of BigOven is available.
Cost: 30-Days Free Trial

6. Pepper: Social Cooking App

Pepper offers an application that allows users to interact with its social media community directly. This cooking app features excellent recipes that you can share, find, and enjoy various delicious meals. Users can see dishes & recipes from any of their social networks. On the app's explore page, you will find out what recipes are the most popular among other users. A recipe you want to make can be saved by clicking the "save" button on a photo on the explore page or in the newsfeed. A "saved" section on your profile holds these posts, effectively serving as a digital cookbook.
As a platform for sharing cooking content and connecting over a common interest in food, Pepper is fast becoming the go-to platform for users looking to share cooking content.
Cost: Free

7. Kitchen Stories

Using the app, you will learn how to prepare both basic and slightly more complex recipes, as you will be able to see videos and photographs explaining each step. Additionally, this app offers tips and tricks regarding cooking dishes you may not have heard of or tried before, and it is a comprehensive resource for finding new recipes that you may not have heard of or tried before.
Cost: Free

8. Epicurious

Epicurious is the most comprehensive food resource by home cooks. Epicurious' iOS app offers not only 35,000 tested recipes but is also updated regularly with new savory dishes from publishers such as Bon Appetit, Gourmet, and HarperCollins. If you love to experiment with new flavor combinations, we recommend subscribing to our video recipe feed. By placing them in the recipe box, you will be able to share the recipes you enjoy the most on social media. Epicurious can also get all the ingredients from the store by creating shopping lists based on the recipe. Epicurious can even tell you the exact minutes it will take to cook everything based on its Smart Kitchen Timer function.
Cost: Free


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