Refunds Policy

  • Refund is provided if:

  • A duplicate amount is charged due to some technical issue (Evidence is required, case will be handed over to accounts department for confirmation)
  • The design is disapproved and the client believes that the company representative has failed to properly understand his requirements.
  • Refund is not applicable in following cases:

  • The design is approved and forwarded for development work.
  • The cancellation reason has no relevance with the company.
  • You (the client) were not responding for straight 7 days after starting the project at any spot (please note that in this case, company may close the project at the same time if no response is observed from the client within 7 days).
  • Hiring other company or developer for the same project invalidates refund, you may close the project with us but do not expect amount to be refunded.
  • Client is asking something out of the initial document and contract.
  • The business is closing, moving or changing name.
  • Reasons such as ‘change of mind’, ‘change of heart’, ‘disagreement with partner’ or other reasons that do not concern to the service will not be subject to refund under any condition.
  • Refunds can only be claimed within 15 days of assigning the project.

You may claim refunds through the website or by sending an email to support. All the refund requests will be investigated by the disputes department or other concerned sectors. Tech Hub has the right to approve/disapprove the claims after investigating the case, based on any violation of our policies or terms.